In business for over 35 years, with 7 trucks we can help meet your transportation needs.

We specialize in Liquid Waste/Manure for field injections, but can do much more.

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Vans, Flats, Step Deck, Tanker and Liquid Waste/Manure

Who are we?

Company History

  • 1979: Incorporated business and purchased first truck.
  • 1986-1990: Leased truck to Wilson Lines and Dawes Trans.
  • 1990-1998: Expanded business with 2 additional trucks.
  • 1998: Applied for and received private authority.
  • 1998-Present: Total of 7 trucks.

  • Services

    Vans, Flats, Step Deck, Tanker and Liquid Waste/Manure

    Liquid Waste

    Manure Injection

    7 Trucks

    7 Trucks

    Manure Field Injections

    To the Field

    Fennert Trucking

    Over the Road

    Manure Injection Videos

    Loading Manure

    Loading Manure

    Unloading Manure with Frac Tank

    Unloading w/Frac

    Unloading Manure Trucks

    Unloading Trucks

    Truck Unloading Time Lapse Video

    Time Lapse


    507-239-2282 and 507-317-0130

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    5076 250th Ave - Waldorf, Minn

    Larry and Jesse Fennert / Co-Owners

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